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In the Electronics Department is being executed training in basic electronics courses:

as well as specialized and specific to the ship’s radio electronics courses, such as:

The specialty ‘Information and communication technologies for the maritime industry’ provides the following courses:

13001 Analogue and digital circuit engineering
13002 Elements of automatics
13003 Hydro-acoustic systems
13005 Marine and riverine vessel traffic management and information systems
13006 Programming – part I
13007 Programming – part II
13083 Electronics
13087 Procedures and rules for the use of communications
13091 Organisation of communications in the Navy
13092 Mobile communications, Мобилни комуникации, РР и сателитни системи
13096 Maritime communications
13097 Organisation of communications and electronic warfare
13098 Ship’s communication, navigation and information systems
13100 Ship’s communication systems – Part I
13101 Signals and systems
13102 Telecommunications equipment
13103 Power supply units
13104 Semi-conductor and electronic elements
13106 Fundamentals of electronics
13108 Optoelectronics
13110 Microprocessor equipment
13111 Microcontroller programming
13114 Vessel traffic management and information systems
13118 Digital processing of signals
13124 Error control in digital communications
13125 Operation and maintenance of the ship’s radio electronic equipment
13126 Microprocessor equipment
13128 Antennas and microwave equipment
13129 Radio waves and radio lines
13130 Semi-conductor elements and integrated circuits
13131 Radio waves, antennas and microwave equipment
13134 Constructing electronic apparatuses
13139 Processing and visualising radar information
13141 Radio location and radio navigation
13148 Video equipment
13149 Electronic warfare
13150 Radio receivers and transmitters
13151 Measurements in electronics
13152 Hydro location
13153 Introduction to offshore engineering
13154 Radio location, optoelectronic and hydro-acoustic systems
13155 Optoelectronic and hydro-acoustic systems
13156 Electronic management systems
13157 Automation of radio electronic equipment
13160 Ship’s radio location systems
13184 Ship’s navigational radio location systems
13186 Naval radio equipment systems
13189 Naval communications systems
13192 Radio service in European waterways
13194 Imitational modeling of transport systems
13195 Information systems for management of shipping
13196 Radio electronics
13197 Radio navigation equipment
13200 Ship’s communication systems – part II
13253 Combat use of radars and IT weapons control
13304 Programming internet applications – part I
13305 Fundamentals of programming and algorithmisation
13354 Digital and microprocessor equipment
13404 Programming internet applications – part II
13600 Vessel traffic management
13700 GMDSS general operator’s certificate course