Short history – Electronics

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Department “Electronics” (Department 13) was established in 2002 after the unification of departments „Naval communication“ and „Radiolocation“. The first head of the Department was PhD Chavdar Il. Aleksandrov (2002-2003г.). After him Captain (Navy) assoc. prof. PhD Nikolai Zh. Kolev (2004-2007г.) and  assoc. prof. PhD Georgi St. Ivanov (2008-2012 г.) followed as heads of the Department. Since 2013 assoc. prof. PhD Grozdyu Hr. Grozdev has been the head of the Department.
The teachers of the Department are: Captain (Navy) assoc. prof. PhD Nikolai At. Velikov, Captain (Navy) assoc. prof. PhD Nikolai Zh. Kolev, assist. prof. PhD Zhelyazko K. Nikolov, Lieutenant (Navy) assist. prof. Yordan At. Sivkov, assist. prof. PhD Iliyan V. Iliev,   assist. prof. PhD Tsvyatko T. Tsanev, assoc. prof. PhD Chavdar Il. Aleksandrov, Commander (Navy) assoc. prof. PhD Miroslav Y. Tvetkov, assist. prof. Kostadin G. Kostadinov, assist. prof. PhD Georgi L. Dimitrov. Apart-time lecturers at the Departent are assoc. prof. PhD Ancho G. Draganov, assoc. prof. PhD Plamen L. Atanasov, assoc. prof. PhD Georgi St. Ivanov. Elena At. Atanasova is an assistant at the Department. Presently  the department trains PhD students in part-time training. Professors from related departments in Bulgaria and abroad assist in the formulation and implementation of curricula.

Now the department “Electronics” maintains and develops links with maritime and technical universities in the country and abroad. There are applied researches in the department that are aimed at solving problems related to marine radio communication, monitoring and management of vessel traffic.

Bachelor’s and Master’s program in “Information and communication technologies in the maritime industry” aims preparation of wide-profile marine engineers with in-depth computer training and orientation towards modern marine communications and information systems, computer technologies and their application in various fields of activities of the Sea ensuring safe navigation and protection of human life. The cadets and the students from the ‘Information and communication technologies in the maritime industry’ can use the rich library of technical books and periodicals published by the world organization of engineers in electronics IEEE. Through INTERNET they can receive additional information about the latest developments in electronics, computer science and other sciences. Laboratories equipped with the new reference and catalog literature.