Disciplines – Electrical Engineering

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22320 Automated control of ship’s plants and systems

22321 Ship’s power systems

22322 Electrical equipment of marine platforms

22323 Electric drive of drilling, research and positioning plants and systems

22324 Engineering graphics of electrical equipment

22325 Automated shipboard devices and systems

22326 Automated shipboard electric drives

22327 Ship’s electrical power stations

22328 Maintenance of shipboard electrical equipment with voltage exceeding 1,000 Volts

22329 Ship’s lighting

22330 Electrical engineering

22331 Ship’s electrical equipment

22332 Medium voltage shipboard electrical equipment

22333 Electrical machines

22334 Fundamentals of automatic control

22335 Electrical safety

22336 Electrical apparatus

22337 High voltage shipboard systems

22338 Electric drive and electrical  equipment

22339 Electrical measurements and electrical safety

22340 Fundamentals of electrical engineering

22341 Electrical efficiency

22342 Electrical materials

22343 Automated electric drives

22348 Electrical measurements

22349 Maintenance and repair of ship’s electrical equipment

22350 Theoretical electrical engineering

22351 Power electronics

22352 Power electronic converters

22353 Electromechanics

22355 Technology, exploitation and repair of ship’s electrical equipment

22356 Engineering technological maintenance of electrical equipment

22357 Maintenance and repair of ship’s electrical and electronic equipment

22358 Progammable logical controllers

22359 Renewable energy sources and energy efficiency

22360 Theory of electrical circuits