Projects – mechanics

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A scientific research centre (SRC) was created in 1971. The department staff managed and participated in the development of many projects under the SRC. The sonobuoy “Chaika”, which was invented and introduced , was of great importance for the country’s defense. “Chaika 1” was initially introduced in Varna Radio plant and later as a major product of “Elektron” works – V.Turnovo.

Another important project, in which the department took part together with other institutions is the waterway Black sea – Danube. Other projects are: Design and construction of a flowmeter for the suckers of Construction fleet – Varna, Analysis of the possibilities for lengthening the working life of port Varna cranes, directed by Captain Krum Mihailov.

Multiple projects, developed in the department, were led by prof. Nikolai Minchev. Some of them are: research into the dynamics of newly-designed engines; analysis of their elastic installation, including special articles; as well as multiple developments for improving the operation of various machinery and facilities in “Sodi” – Devnya and Agropolihim.