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The PSC also conducts courses for professional training and acquiring military ranks of petty officers for Navy. The educational planning documentation for the courses has been developed according to the requirements of Ordinance № N-19 / 25.05.2010 of the Minister of Defence. All courses are declared in the Register for the courses. The courses conducted at the PSC are:

  • “Master Chief Petty Officers of the Navy”
  • “Petty officers of combat units”
  • ” Commaners of Platoons and similar formations”
  • “Deputy Commanders of Platoons”
  • “Company Logistics Segeant”
  • “Course for acquiring a sergeant rank”
  • “Course for the acquiring of military rank ” Petty Officer 1st Class / Sergeant “-
  • “Course for the acquiring of military rank ” Chief Petty Officer / Senior Sergeant “
  • “Course for the acquiring of military rank ” Senior Chief Petty Officer”
  • “Warrant Officer of technical command position of the Navy”

After successful completion of the training, the graduates get a ”Certificate of additional training and specialization.”