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Naval Academy participates at CompSysTech’17 international conference

On 23 and 24 June 2017 the university of Ruse hosted the 18th iteration of the international conference entitled CompSysTech’17. Among the guests at the conference was the Deputy Minister for Education Petar Nikolov.

Representatives of 14 countries took part in the work of the conference, with plenary speeches delivered and broadcast live on the Internet by the Bulgarian Academy Award winner – Vladimir Kоylazov, Marite Kirikova of the Department of Artificial Intelligence and Systems Engineering at the Technical University of Riga, Latvia, and Darina Dicheva of the Department of Computer Science at Winston-Salem State University, USA.

Nikola Vaptsarov Naval Academy was also represented at the conference: Associate Prof. Yulian Tsonev, Associate Prof. Petar Antonov, and the doctoral student at the IT Department Dimo Dimov participated with their papers. They also took part in the work of the association AOKSIT (Academic Society of Computer Systems and Information Technologies), of which the IT Department is a collective member.

Initially, 107 papers were deposited for the conference, and following anonymous two independent reviewing process 42 were approved for publication. The paper Pass-the-Hash – one of the most prevalent yet underrated attacks for credentials theft and reuse, authored by Dimo Dimov and Yulian Tsonev, was awarded with the Best Paper prize in the section for Operating Systems and Network Security at the conference.

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