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Naval Academy Cadet – Youth Ambassador to NATO

Third-year military student Venelin Neshev is among the 18 chosen youth ambassadors to NATO for 2020.

Youth Ambassadors to NATO is a project by NATO and the Bulgarian Euro Atlantic Youth Club for 16 young leaders and innovators interested in diplomacy, international politics and security. The programme goes on for 12 months, and within that period the ambassadors take part in a one-day training session in Sofia, a two-day visit to NATO’s Headquarters in Brussels, discussion meetings with young people in eight Bulgarian cities, and participate at an awards ceremony in Sofia.

The aim of the project is to recognise young people, school and university students from all over Bulgaria, who will gain insight into the field of international politics, multilateral diplomacy and Bulgaria’s membership in NATO through meetings with diplomats, representatives of the institutions and the non-governmental sector, will advance their skills for communication, public speaking, teamwork, their organisational abilities and their knowledge of protocol.

Cadet Neshev, third-year military student specialising in Navigation, was overjoyed and excited to be told the news. ‘I’m looking forward to learning more about diplomacy as part of politics among nations,’ he said minutes after hearing that he had been selected.

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