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  1. Secondary School (Highschool) Diploma;
  2. Diploma Supplement;
  3. Certificate of sufficiency (from highschool);
  4. Medical Reference;
  5. Copy of passport/ID card;
  6. Application form.

Usually it takes between 1-3 months depending on the applicant’s citizenship, as non-EU citizens may need to apply for a long stay visa D.

Only for the preliminary check. The official documents shall be translated and notary certified, then sent on paper to the NVNA.

The admission campaign starts right after the announcement of the tuition fees for the respective academic year (usually at the beginning of May) and ends two weeks before the start of classes (usually end of September). However, for non-EU applicants the deadline is mid-August due to the time-consuming Visa D procedures.

The tuition fee payment is the last step of the admission process and has to be done no later than two weeks before the start of the academic year.

Students from non-EU countries are allowed to work 20 hours/week during the course of their studies. Their employer must register the student at the National Employment Agency.

Foreign students can apply for the dormitories in NVNA’s campus.

For students from EU and EEA states there used to be an european scholarship, but since 2018 the funding was canceled. Right now there are no available scholarships for paid studies.

No, it is not. In 2007, Bulgaria applied for accession to the Schengen area, but the application has not been approved yet. Therefore, a visa to Bulgaria does not allow free travel around the Schengen area.

No. The student selection requires only the necessary admission documents.

  1. By a consular or Diplomatic official in the country where the document is issued;
  2. By a translation agency authorized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Bulgaria. You can contact translation offices in Bulgaria. There are plenty of translation offices in Varna.

We do not have any age requirement for the applicants. It is mandatory though the applicants to have graduated secondary education (high school) and to have obtained a Diploma of completed secondary school (secondary school leaving certificate).