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The mission of the Department of National Security is, as a socially responsible, innovative and competitive primary unit, to create an academic environment to motivate students, stimulate their personal growth and prepare them for leadership functions and specific responsibilities in a dynamic security environment in the 21st century.

The department organizes the training of students in the professional field 9.1. National Security – educational qualification degree “Bachelor” and educational qualification degree “Master”.

The teaching staff of the department has significant scientific and pedagogical achievements in the subject area of the taught disciplines, reflected in many scientific publications at home and abroad, participation in scientific and applied research projects, academic mobility for teaching in foreign universities, membership in international editorial boards and active participation in scientific conferences and congresses at home and abroad.

The learning environment in which the students are trained is the most modern known in our country in the professional field “National Security”. At the disposal of students and teachers of the professional field are modern simulators and simulators with augmented and virtual reality, both to prepare for dealing with conventional threats and disasters, and threats in cyberspace.

The department maintains relationships with prominent practitioners who are part of the teaching staff.