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Successful graduates of the four-year course in this specialty acquire a “Bachelor” degree.

Graduates can take engineering, research and design positions in the area of marine facility operations.

Fundamental educational and general engineering training meet the requirements and comply with the specialties of professional area “Mechanical Engineering” in the field “Technical Sciences”.

Training in the English language includes studying and using of professional vocabulary and terminology.

Training is conducted in specialized facilities, laboratories, simulators and practice areas with operating machinery, engines, systems and models, and the diverse forms of education employ computerised equipment and software applications.

The training practice is in seamanship and specialized: the former takes place in an educational-training camp at sea, and the latter – at the Institute of hydro- and aerodynamics, the Institute of Oceanology and companies working in this field. During each practice the students learn how to design, manage, operate and repair of marine equipment and their power systems.

The training ends in state examinations.

The educational degree “Bachelor”, acquired during the training in the speciality “Ocean Engineering” enables graduates, after additional training in the Naval Academy or other higher education institutions to acquire a master’s degree and take executive positions in research institutes and design bureaus.