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Diversification of Seafarers Employability paths through collaborative development of competences and certification-DivSea

DivSea is an Erasmus+ Key Action 2 project in the field of Strategic partnership for vocational education and training.


  • To improve the employability skills and work opportunities for marine workers and to reduce the existing gap between the educational world and labour market by diversification of career paths and skills recognition
  • To build a network to continuously identify the gaps between marine the labour market requirements and the educational field
  • To promote the continuous professional development of educational staff and marine workers by developing innovative practices for improving soft skills
  • To create teaching curricula focused on areas with skill shortages, targeting new marine professional qualifications
  • Facilitate the recognition and validation of work-related skills and learning outcomes by referencing them to EQF and using EU instruments.


  • Constanta Maritime University, CMU (coordinator) – Romania

Assoc Prof Dr Nicoleta ACOMI, Project Manager, nicoleta.acomi@cmu-edu.eu

Ec. Carmen COMAN, Financial responsible, coman.carmen@yahoo.com

  • European Association of Career Guidance, EACG – Cyprus

Dr Gregory MAKRIDES, Partner leader, makrides.g@ucy.ac.cy

  • Nikola Yonkov Vaptsarov Naval Academy, NVNA – Bulgaria

Assoc Prof Dr Blagovest BELEV, Partner leader

  • Stichting STC-GROUP, STC-Group – Netherlands

Mr Jaap GEBRAAD, Partner leader, gebraad@stc-r.nl

Implementation Period: 01/09/2016-31/08/2018

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