Training workshop 2015-11-29T21:03:56+00:00

Most of the laboratories of department “Ship repairs” are located in the training workshop. The laboratory for ship repairs with ICE testing is fitted with 8 sets of test beds and instrumentation.

Laboratory for ship machinery repairs – equipped with 6 test beds and instrumentation.

Laboratory for repair of burner equipment – equipped with 3 test beds and instrumentation

Laboratory for metal working machines – equipped with 12 metal working machines (8 lathes, 2 milling machines, 1 shaper, 1 grinding machine)

Laboratory for welding – fitted with 5 welding units, 2 welding machines, 2 MIG/MAG devices

Laboratory for manual mechanical treatment (machine shop) has 12 working stations, fitter’s and measuring tools.

Laboratory for heat treatment and testing of materials – equipped with 4 furnaces, device for testing in tension, pressure etc., determining of impact toughness.

General technical shop – fitted with blacksmith’s furnace, blacksmith’s tools and anvil, 4 working stations, 3 metal working machines (2 lathes and a power hack-saw)