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A major repair and renovation of the material and technical base of the LIC was carried out in 2014. The total area of ​​the library is 930 sq. m, divided into several sections:

– Computer Centre and catalog section
– Registry of readers
– Section of periodicals
– Reference literature section
– Borrowing scientific and fiction section
– Borrowing academic and specialized literature section
– Borrowing specialized English literature section
– Specialized depositories

            The specifics of the academic subjects and research work in the Naval Academy creates conditions for the acquisition of a unique library fund of interest to specialists from the Navy, Merchant marine, research institutes and related universities. The available library fund contains about 125 000 library units, distributed as follows:


– Main Fund – approx. 44 000 units
– Training Fund – 77 000 units
– Official Fund – 4000 units

            The training fund includes textbooks for the academic subjects, workbooks, practical exercise books, laboratory exercise books, and project assignments. The fund contains more than 900 titles by authors, half of them being Naval Academy lecturers.

            The official fund consists of specialized departmental publications of the Ministry of Defence and publications of the International Maritime Organization.

            The library fund is used by readers not only from the academy, but also from other universities and people from all over the country. The use of the library resources is free of charge.