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Information on the epidemiological situation and the measures taken at the Academy 2020-11-26T11:50:18+00:00

Dear Colleagues,

With regard to the measures taken to counteract the spread of the COVID-19 coronavirus in the country as of 23 March 2020 (Monday), the Library of the NVNA will only work with a preliminary request – every Monday from 9 am to 12 pm. Applications can be submitted during the week by e-mail: navalacad_libr@abv.bg or by telephone 0887257675. Only specific requests, accompanied by the author, title and signature will be accepted. Anyone can find the necessary information about the available copies in the online catalog of the library on the school website at: http://www.naval-acad.bg/training-facilities/library.

Dear colleagues,

Pursuant to an order of the Director of the Executive Agency Maritime Administration, attending qualification courses is prohibited. Starting tomorrow – Monday, March 16, 2020, the courses will not be attended in person. This also applies to the one-off additional preparation as well as the started courses. When we prepare the remote course system, we will ask for permission from the Administration and begin the remote courses. Graduation defenses planned for tomorrow will not be attended in school. Please contact the responsible faculty and deans and find out the timing of their online platform. There are no other changes to the entered mode.

Dear colleagues,

At 5 pm there is no change in the situation.
We’ll continue to let you know over the weekend.  An order was issued this afternoon by the Minister of Health, which regulates the work of various institutions, including educational institutions.
In this regard, a decision will be made to attend the one-off supplementary training classes in attendance. Unfortunately, this decision will be announced by the Maritime Administration on Monday. Of particular importance to all of us is the status of courses already started.
This, as we have indicated, will be announced on Monday. For the time being, we can say that theoretical classes will be held on the electronic platform.
As soon as it starts on 23.03, we ask you to register hastily. There will be controls from the Maritime Administration, so you should all be present. We will inform you of any changes.

Please understand and thank you for your patience!

Dear colleagues,

In connection with the developing unconventional situation,  after receiving an order from the Minister of Defense and instructions from the Minister of Education,  the following decision was taken at the school management assembly:

1. With two weeks from Monday 16.03.2020, the absent period at school will be extended.
2. The classes with the foreign students (except the students from Angola) and the Bulgarian students are conducted in a virtual class according to the announced schedule.
3. One-off additional preparation classes shall be conducted in person.  Proceedings have been made to the Maritime Administration for organizing one-on-one theoretical training in virtual classes.  We are awaiting permission from the Maritime Administration.
4. Classes for cadets and Angolan students are conducted in person.
5. In the presence of a stream organized with the participation of students and cadets,  the cadets enter a virtual class and the teacher takes these classes from their workplace or from home.
6. Teachers take virtual classes from an optional place – home, workplace.
7. During the next two weeks, the days when the teachers have no classes will be considered as home leave.
8. Classes held in virtual class are considered to be regular classes in terms of workload formation  and determination of normative and extra-standard employment.
9. Students should leave the dormitories and go home for the next two weeks. No dormitory rent will be deducted for this period and the advance paid will be carried forward to the next period.
10. Students who, for some reason, have a valid problem leaving the dormitories (for example, one-off attendance classes, inability to go home, or others), please apply in writing to Mr. Mitev.
Please note that a strict admittance regime is being introduced in the school which will allow leaving the school only between 14.00 and 16.00. Outside this period no entry and exit will be allowed.

Please note that today there is a change of page announcing the situation on the school website. For further information, please follow the newsletters.

Tomorrow 13.03.2020 the classes with the students in NVNA will be experimentally conducted in virtual classrooms.

The class schedules posted on the school’s website for 13.03.2020 (Friday) in column # 4 of the Hall will show „Virtual Classroom“.
Classroom hours in the virtual classroom are the same as normal classes.
We wish success to all participants in the virtual classes!

DEAR Ladies and Gentlemen, Students,

ON 12.03.2020 / THURSDAY / E-mail addresses of your class units will be sent lists with personal email addresses and temporary login information.

  •  Log in to your newly created email addresses and change your temporary passwords.


Due to the cancellation of the classes in Varna by the Mayor
of Varna Municipality on March 12, 2020 and March 13, 2020 (Thursday and Friday),
the management of NVNA decided to cancel the school classes on 12.03.2020 and 13.03.2020.
Due to the cancellation of the flu epidemic in Varna,
announced by a decision of the Commission for the Fight against Flu 
and Acute Respiratory Diseases in Varna Municipality, 
the school classes in Varna are restored. 
On this occasion the management of NVNA has decided to resume the 
classes from 12.03.2020 according to the published schedules of the classes.

The students who have left the city of Varna and who cannot return
on 12.03.2020 shall not be marked absent for the period from 12.03.2020 to 13.03.2020.
All trainees who during the flu vacation have resided in the districts of Pleven,
Gabrovo and Sofia must go to the respective dean's office.

There are no ongoing changes. The entered mode remains in force.

On March 9, 2020, at 14.00, a meeting of the teaching staff of the school and representatives of the cadets was held with the deputy head of the educational and scientific part of NVNA Captain Prof. Dr. Kalinov. At the meeting, the participants were acquainted with the measures taken so far in the school and it was announced that from 11.03.2020 the school was on a flu vacation. Additional information will be announced upon change.

A virtual class platform is currently being prepared. By the end of the day, accounts will be created for teachers, students and the school administration. Instructions for using the platform by teachers and students have also been developed.On standby, instructions and accounts will be sent to departments and classrooms.

With regard to the regime introduced at the school, the announcement at 12.00 on 09.03.2020 remains in force.

Dear fellow students and professors,

On 08.03.2020, the work group of the Rector of Nikola Vaptsarov Naval Academy started to work 
at the school in connection with the detected cases of coronavirus in Bulgaria.

The following measures are in place at the school:

1. Until 11.03.2020, inclusive, the classes with Bulgarian students shall be terminated 
with the exception of the one-time additional training courses (certificate courses), which shall be scheduled.

2. Foreign students (excluding Angola counterparts) are on vacation until 21.04.2020.

3. Angola students continue their regular classes.

4. The cadets continue their regular classes.

The transfer to the virtual classroom is currently being prepared. The school will be finally ready to begin such classes by 11/03/2020. 
Virtual class classes will be held as needed, if any. For the moment, if there is no change, 
the classes for the Bulgarian students will be resumed according to the schedule of 12.03.2020.

For more information, please follow the official announcements.