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International Students Admission 2020-03-18T13:17:26+00:00

Dear Colleagues, Future Students,

Dear Parents,


We appeal to you to allay your concerns and answer the questions that inevitably bother you. The current situation poses unexpected obstacles for all of us, but believe us that the Naval Academy is ready for them.

The school has introduced and already operates a distance learning system. All our teachers have started their virtual classes. Students have received their accounts and are studying from their homes.

Believe me, it’s wonderful! Do you imagine being able to wake up just 15 minutes before a lecture, sit back, enjoy your coffee, and listen and see your lecturer! In doing so, no one will look behind your shoulder and you will be able to open several pages on the Internet in parallel with the remote studying platform! This is already a fact, but we do not expect to attract you with that. We believe that it will be useful for you to get the best lecturers, at a time and place convenient for you, as well as to have the opportunity to use any information from the Internet during the lecture. This too is already a practice. 

In this way, the training for you will be better organized.

Additionally, all student services are already available on electronic platforms.

We assure you that the school has considered all possible options, even the most difficult ones.

The first question that bothers you may be that the current regime may still be in place by the beginning of the school year for students. In that case, we will start training directly on a distance e-platform, adjusting curricula to move non-distance teaching disciplines into the next years of study.

You inevitably ask yourself the question: „What happens if state examinations fail and there are problems with graduation?“

And we are ready for that. Please do not publicly announce our decision at this time because it is in the process of being coordinated with the Ministry of Education and Science. We assure you that the way we have chosen will not extend the total duration of your studies, nor will it be more expensive.

As you can see, we are prepared, but if you have other questions – feel free to ask them.

Once again, we assure you that your choice to study at NVNA is the right one, and what matters most to us is your health and successful learning!

And in the coming days, please focus on your education, follow all the rules you regulations in place. Protect yourself and your families!


Greetings, health and success!

From the management of the Nikola Vaptsarov Naval Academy