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The maritime industry is one of the most dynamic economic sectors due to the constant changes in its development needs. It is also closely linked to the changes in Marine Sciences and IT Technologies. Consequently, education and training in marine sciences have to follow the industry’s trends closely in order to keep pace with the new competencies required by the development of maritime transportation technologies.

Project MINE-EMI is focused at elaboration of Joint Master Program (JMPs) that facilitate developing skills and competences to raise awareness on emerging maritime issues in order to promote sustainable management of the maritime sector. It focuses on the Black Sea basin and involves representatives from the business sector and local administrations in order to fill the gap between the requirements in the maritime sector (management of marine areas, transport operations, logistics) and the current lacking of updated courses in that matter.

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The partners involved in the project are:

  • Piri Reis University – Lead Partner, PRU (Turkey)
  • Conference of Peripheral Maritime Regions, CPMR (EU)
  • Constanta Maritime University, CMU (Romania)
  • Nikola Vaptsarov Naval Academy, NVNA (Bulgaria)
  • The University of the Aegean, UAEGEAN (Greece)
  • Marine Cluster Bulgaria, MCB (Bulgaria)
  • Municipality of Piraeus, MP (Greece)

The project implementation is based on the progressive model, including preparatory activities, development, testing and finalization of JMPs. In the development phase, educational material will be elaborated, collected, evaluated and selected, satisfying the criteria set by the stakeholders. While PRU, NVNA, and UAEGEAN will work on the theoretical part of the teaching materials, CMU will mainly work on the practical side, creating scenarios for maritime simulators on the specific topics of the subject. Both parts will be developed in a coordinated way in order to synchronize all the elements.

PRU will lead the integration of the developed modules in the JMPs. The lead partner will develop JMPs course catalog together with the partner Higher Education Institutes for better adaptation to institutions specificities and offer the courses outside the partnership framework. The produced material will be tested and evaluated during mobility events. MCB and MP will provide test-beds. The feedback received will be then used to finalize the courses.

The project aims to achieve efficient, safe, secure and environmentally tackling the maritime issues, through:

  • promotion of the quality of education and training in the Maritime Education and Training  (MET) sector to address the specific maritime challenges and prepare the future managers and experts applying innovative methods, practical oriented approach and e-learning model;
  • facilitation of the mobility for students and teachers, involving educational and training institutions that wish to contribute to overcoming these challenges
  • cooperation between MET organizations and industry in the field of education and training for managing the issues in the maritime sector for upgrading competencies and adapting to the requirements of the maritime industry.

The successful implementation of the Project will provide the consolidation of the efforts of the maritime institutions especially in the Black Sea region to contribute to the sustainable development through implementation of blue growth, greening transport, maritime spatial planning policies and common maritime basins strategies.

The initial research phase of the project has started as of September 2019. The kick-off meeting and the first stakeholder’s conference (multiplier event) will take place at PRU Facilities in Tuzla/Istanbul in the third week of January 2020 (exact days TBC). All involved parties are welcome to attend the conference. All project activities and outcomes will be open to the public and will be disseminated to all stakeholders through the project web page, social media, newsletters, seminars, and conferences.  JMP will be available to any interested individual either under the Erasmus Charter scheme or through special enrolment for students from other countries.


Обучение по проект MINE-EMI

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В периода 07-11 март 2022 в ВВМУ "Н.Й.Вапцаров" се проведе обучение в рамките на международния проект MINE-EMI финансиран от програма Erasmus+. За повече информация можете да прочетете в информационни бюлетин (пдф).