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NAME OF THE PROJECT: „SEAfarers Experiential Knowledge Based MENTORS“ (SEA MENTORS)

PROGRAMME: Erasmus+, Key Action 2: Strategic Partnership for Higher Education

DURATION: 24 months, 01/02/2022 – 31/01/2024



BENEFICENT OF THE PROJECT: Mircea cel Batran Naval Academy (MBNA), Constanta, Romania

WEBSITE: https://seamentors.com/

Project Partners:  

  1. Mircea cel Batran Naval Academy (MBNA), Constanta, Romania;
  2. Maritime Innovators, Istanbul, Turkey;
  3. Lithuanian Maritime Academy (LMA), Klaipeda, Lithuania;
  4. Polish Naval Academy (PNA), Gdynia, Poland;
  5. SPINAKER, nautical education and trade, d.o.o, Portorož, Slovenia;
  6. Nikola Vaptsarov Naval Academy (NVNA), Varna, Bulgaria;


SEA MENTORS platform and its tool will enable a platform to enable knowledge transfers between seafarers in various ranks which directly adapts vocational education and training to labour market needs, and contributing to innovation in vocational education and training. Initially, SEA MENTORS will disseminate and transfer the innovative practices developed within the partnership, across Europe and internationally.

SEA MENTORS will support development of VET programmes that offer a balanced mix of vocational skills and create work-based learning opportunities which are evolving jobs and working methods and key competences. It will foster the development of programme that offers and qualifications which are regularly updated, building on skills intelligence.

Projects will support VET providers in the adaptation of their training offer to changing skills needs in the maritime sector.

The project will develop a program considering different rank of seafarers, taking into account the experience they attained in each vessel. The experiential knowledge will have phases to pass it to seafarers working on different levels of command. SEA MENTORS project aims to:

– Identify the level of “experiential knowledge” each ranks have in a questionnaire based needs analysis and information based on the investigation of undiscovered areas;

– Develop an online Training programme for each ranks therefore they can access to this experiential knowledge which incorporates latest developments in the maritime sector;

– Design a guidance Tool that provides the user with a certificate for the newly acquired skills based on experiential knowledge.

The Platform and guidance tool will have options to select knowledge that users would wish to attain on different levels of ranks. The platform offered by the SEA MENTOR Training Programme will have a direct impact on seafarers by giving them experiential knowledge leading to enhanced competence and decision making. The seafarers will have better skills and knowledge to understand and interpret the given situations.

The main tangible outcome is an online and novel learning and assessment platform covering all aspects of advanced technology. This will facilitate the inclusion of the identified new skills in existing maritime programmes and facilitate the experiential knowledge transfer which is expected to lead to a reduction in the number of accidents at sea.

SEA MENTORS platform will:

  • facilitate “Experiential Knowledge“ transfer between senior and junior seafarers;
  • be customised depending on the needs of seafarers;
  • incorporate a database of “Experiential Knowledge” from the users;
  • be based on providing the best advice on career advancement as well as specific guides;
  • offer a certification service for the user to assess their experiential knowledge and skills acquired from the course.