You can apply if:

  • Have signed inter-institutional agreement via Erasmus+ Programme for the respective academic year;
  • Your institution approve your documents for Erasmus+ mobility;
  • You are a student enrolled in a second year of your education in the Sending institution.

The application form can be downloaded here.

Deadline for application for the first semester is 01.05.

Deadline for application for the second semester is 01.12.


After you filled the application form you should save and print it. The participant should provide the form in the Erasmus+ Office of the sending institution for signature and stamp. After that Erasmus+ office should send the application form via email to the Erasmus+ Office of Nikola Vaptsarov Naval Academy. –

The participant has successfully applied if:

  1. The Erasmus+ office of NVNA received the filled in form signed and stamped by the Sending institution.
  2. The Sending university and the participant received an official response from the Erasmus+ Office of the NVNA.

After the participant received the conformation from NVNA, he should provide into the Eramus+ Office the following documents:

  • copy of the secondary education diploma;
  • copy of ID or passport;
  • Three passport photos;
  • residence permit if the student is not a member of the European Union

The student will received all his additional documents from the Erasmus+ Office of the NVNA.

 The training program must be agreed in advance between the Host and Sending institution. It should be signed by the Sending institution and the participant in three copies. However, the copies should be send via the student for signature by the host institution. The Erasmus+ Office retains one original and the other two passes them to the participant.

If the student desire to extend his/her stay, as to stay in the host institution for another semester, he/she must alert the host university at least 15 days before the end of the pre-agreed period. Extending the period should be arranged with the Dean of the relevant Faculty, to which he/she is trained and The Head of the Department. This mobility cannot be longer than 12 months for the training cycle and must be completed not later than 30.09. (the end of the reporting period)

The placement of the participant may take place in a dormitory at the NVNA if the student has previously declared this desire in the Erasmus+ office.