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planet1-350The planetarium in the Naval Academy ” N. J. Vaptsarov” is one of the impressive sightseeings in Varna.

Since ancient times, seafarers have honored the starry sky – it has been their unmistakable orientation in the vastness of the world’s ocean and the only light directing them to native or foreign shores.

The planetarium was produced by the German company “Carl Zeiss” – Jena – Germany. The planetarium was officially opened in 1985.

The planetarium is open for visits for citizens, student and tourist groups and we offer star demonstrations, lectures, conferences and cultural events (concerts, shows, exhibitions, etc.), company meetings and celebrations.

The panoramic presentation takes place in the Star Hall, which is 18 meters in diameter and has 120 seats. The visual and acoustic features of the hall make the projected onto the hemispherical screen sky fabulous and enchanting.  An exact copy of the real sky, it captivates the imagination and provokes our sense for the infinity of time, the unachievable and unique harmony of the Universe.

In the Star Hall one can follow the daily and annual movement of the Sun, the Moon and the planets, the wonderful star figures of the constellations that people have named with mythological names since ancient times. Almost all astronomical phenomena: solar und lunar eclipses, meteors, comets and others, can be demonstrated in the planetarium. Imaginary trips in the open Space can be demonstrated with the help of the equipment.planet2-300

The Planetarium is used in the training of Astronavigation at the Department of Navigation at the Naval Academy. Here the students study the starry sky – the stars are the main observation points that can be used for determining the ship’s location in an astronomical way. The Student Astronomical Society and Student Space Society are actively involved in the Planetarium’s work.

The Planetarium is also actively used in the educational process of high schools and universities from the whole country to illustrate the teaching process in physics and astronomy, geography, ecology, astrobiology, etc.

Demonstrational star programs are available for organized group visits in the following languages: Bulgarian, English, German, French, Russian and Romanian. The duration of each star demonstration is 40 minutes and the number of available seats is 120. The hall is equipped with air conditioning.

Prices for stellar demonstrations in Bulgarian (groups of 15 to 120 people):
– for adults – 5.00 BGN;
– for children, high school students, university students – 3.00 BGN.

Groups of fewer than 15 people are charged for a group of 15 people.

Prices for a demonstration in European languages (minimum number of 15 people):
For adults:
– for groups of 15 to 150 people – 10.00 BGN
For children under 12 years – 8.00 BGN.
Groups of less than 15 people are charged for a group of 15 people.

To use the star hall without a program (for presentations, seminars and cultural events).
120 BGN per hour.

To use the lobby around the star hall (for presentations, seminars, cultural events, cocktails, meetings, etc.)
80 BGN per hour

To use the lobby and stellar hall (for presentations, seminars, cultural events, cocktails, meetings, etc.)
150 BGN per hour

All prices include VAT.

Requests for visits are made 3 (three) working days in advance by phone:
052/552 280 and GSM: 0887 778 702 from 8:00 to 16:30 on weekdays.

Varna, Vassil Drumev Str. 73, Naval Academy “N.J. Vaptsarov”, Planetarium