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Welcome to the site of the Department of Postgraduate Training

The Department of Postgraduate Training is one of the main academic units of Nikola Vaptsarov Naval Academy. Established on 16 November 2005, the Department is the successor of the Centre of Postgraduate Training, which had existed as a training structure at the Naval Academy in different forms since 1992.

The reasons for opening a unit for postgraduate training at the Naval Academy lie in the necessity to provide adequate job-skill training for the officers from the Navy, required when they are to assume higher positions.

The mission of the Department of Postgraduate Training is to ensure the preparation of its trainees in conformity with the high requirements of modern military and naval job-skill training.

To fulfill its mission, the Department of Postgraduate Training conducts courses for position-required, target-based and additional qualification.

The main objectives of the Department consist of the following:

  • to prepare the officers from the Navy for assuming higher positions through courses for position-required qualification;
  • to support the foreign language training of the military and the civilian personnel at the Ministry of Defence and the Bulgarian Armed Forces through language courses;
  • to prepare naval personnel for assuming positions that require new or specific knowledge and skills through target-based qualification courses;
  • to prepare naval personnel for participation in peacekeeping operations and to analyze the results from the participation of the Bulgarian Navy in such operations;
  • to support the distance learning of cadets, civilian students and trainees at the Naval Academy.