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The Association was founded in 1997 and was legally registered as a non – governmental, voluntary and self – governing organization in early 1998. The Association is the successor of the Union of the Mechanical Academy Alumni founded in 1931. The Association’s purpose is to render support to the Naval Academy as a center of education and training of Bulgaria’s navy personnel. The Association’s purposes are being implemented through organizing legal, informational, cultural, entertainment, charity, and sports events.

Some of the Association’s goals are:

1. To unite Naval Academy graduates in support of Bulgarian Naval education embodied by the Naval Academy institution;

2. To raise funds for the support of maritime studies, education and lodging offered in the Naval Academy to ensure compliance with the modern standards of international maritime organizations;

3. To contribute to the development of maritime law and traditions of Bulgaria;

4. To support the Association’s members and safeguard their legal, employment, and financial status;

5. To participate as member of various international maritime organizations provided that their regulations do not conflict with the Association’s articles;

6. To cooperate with similar organizations in the country and abroad;

7. To promote the achievements of the Naval Academy alumni in the field of maritime science, navigation, technological progress, business and management.

Management bodies:

General Assembly;

Management Board;

Supervisory Board.

The Association’s members may be legal entities whose activity is related to the maritime economics and also physical entities – alumni of the Naval Academy. Applicants should contact the Management board through the Secretariat: 73, Vassil Drumev Str., Varna 9026, telephone 359/052/303 190

 Management Board Chairman: Captain Peter Hristov