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The NCO College was opened in September 2007 by Ordinance of the Minister of Education and Science /MES/, at the request of the Minister of Defence. It is a basic structural unit of the Naval Academy. In essence NCO College is the successor of all previous structures dealing with the education and training of sergeant and seamen personnel for the needs of the Navy, but it features new higher requirements to servicemen. The NCO College is a state vocational school, which conducts training for the 4th class professional qualification “Petty Officer of the Navy”, in the speciality “Operation and repair of ship equipment.” The training is conducted in accordance with the requirements of the Framework Programme “G”, the Law on Defence and Armed Forces of the Republic of Bulgaria, the National Education Act, the Law on Vocational Education and Training and the Rules of Organization and Operation of NCO College.

The College trains cadets in four specializations:

  • Maritime Navigation;
  • Operation and maintenance of marine radio, radar and communication devices;
  • Sea weapons;
  • Operation and maintenance of marine-power plants.

The Curriculum and Syllabuses on which training is based are from 2011 and are approved by the Minister of Defence and coordianated with MES. Education is performed in 450 hours of theoretical and 750 hours of practical training. The latter includes 460 hours practical training at the military formations of the Navy. The Curriculum also includes 60 hours for optional courses during the training practice. The total compulsory vocational training is 1200 hours. The whole course is 1260 hours. The training period is as follows:

  • 1st semester – 14 weeks, of which one week for semester exams;
  • 2nd semester – 14 weeks, of which one week for semester exams;
  • 12 weeks of training practice after the 2nd semester;
  • 2 weeks for State examinations after the trqaining practice.

After successful completion of training, cadets receive a ”Certificate of professional qualification. ”