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Laboratory stand for experiments with hydraulic machinery – displacement type 2018-06-25T14:41:35+00:00

Welcome to the applied-research project “laboratory stand for experiments with hydraulic machinery – displacement type”

Project goals:

  1. Modernizing and expanding the possibilities of the SAMS (ships auxiliary machinery and systems) discipline science material base
  2. Providing a base power plant, with the possibility to upgrade to the needs of research and development projects and PhD student’s education.

Project participants:

  1. Prof. PhD  P. Tomov
  2. Dipl. Eng. Georgi  V. Petkov
  3. Dipl. Eng. Pavel  D. Tonev

“HYDAC International GmbH – Bulgaria” was involved in the practical realization of the stand.

Time period of the project:  05.02.2016 – 23.11.2016.

Project tasks:

  • preliminary analogous stand study;
  • preparation of conceptual, schematical solution and calculations note regarding the new stand;
  • elements selection and preparation of list specification for ready-to-buy articles (elements) for the stand;
  • general drawing preparation with elements positioning;
  • preliminary elements and realization of the stand price study (with firm participation);
  • conduction of entry-level tests of the stand (after the practical realization);
  • safe operation manual preparation for the stand;
  • Drive power per unit – 550 W / 1500 rpm, three phase asynchronous AC motor (2 pieces)
  • Frequency inverter (2 pieces) – for the AC motor, with frequency range of nе= 700…1600 rpm
  • Hydraulic external gear pump – reversible (2 pieces),  with a displacement of Vp= 1,6
  • Nominal pressure: pn= 60 bar (6 MPa);
  • Maximum pressure: pk= 70 bar (7 Mpa), limited by the safety valve setting;
  • Nominal flow:  Qn= 2,3 l/min
  • Pipes: suction pipes – 10 x 1,5, material: St 20; discharge pipes – 10 x 1,5, material: St 20;
  • Flowmeter –hydraulic motor (orbital), type: MM 8CR RS/PC with integrated revolutions sensor, displacement: VM = 8,2
  • Oil tank capacity – VR = 17 L
  • Working fluid – hydraulic mineral oil, viscosity: ν = 32…46 mm2/s (cSt) at a temperature of Т= 40°C
  • Control cabinet with integrated electrical elements for control of the stand.