Department of Shiprepair 2018-06-25T14:43:09+00:00

The mission of “Technology of Shiprepair” department is to form in its trainees the necessary knowledge and applicable skills, which will meet the demand for qualified personnel according to the requirements of IMO and the classification societies.

The purpose which provides for the accomplishment of the department’s mission is the following:

The training of maritime officers with higher education on a world level.

The main tasks facing “Technology of Shiprepair” department are:

  1. To train cadets and students so that they will acquire Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in the area “Technical sciences” for the needs of the Navy and the merchant fleet.
  2. To train PhD students in the speciality”Organization and technology of shipbuilding and ship repairs”
  3. To train specialists so that they can achieve and improve their qualification.
  4. To carry out scientific and applied research in the area of technical sciences.

The mission and the purpose of “Technology of Shiprepair” department are in accordance with the purpose and tasks of the Naval Academy.