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The graduate from the course in Organisation and management of military units on tactical level (with specialisation in Naval communications and radio electronic systems) is undergoing preparation to be intellectually, morally and physically ready for employment as a Navy officer, qualified in shipboard and shore-based communications, radiolocation and radionavigation systems, as well as a citizen as a manager of civilian organisations in the Republic of Bulgaria.

In result of the 5-years-long training, the graduate will have acquired the following higher education degrees:

  • a military bachelor’s degree in Organisation and management of military units on tactical level (with specialisation in Naval communications and radio electronic systems) from the occupational area of Military science of the occupational field of Security and defence;
  • a civilian bachelor’s degree in Ship radio electronics from the occupational area of Transport, shipping and aviation of the occupational field of Technical sciences.

The graduate is prepared as an officer to command and control both combat and day-to-day operation of the communications and electronics in the Navy, as well as to perform the duties of officer of the watch.

The graduate can occupy entry-level positions in the fleet and the shore establishment of the Navy.

After undergoing a certain period of service in the Navy and some training in specialised courses, the graduate can occupy the position of a squadron specialist and equivalent.

As line officers in the Navy, they can attend qualification courses back in the Academy and in foreign schools and colleges for targeted training or prior to promotion.

The course is available for both male and female students. The training is conducted in the conditions of a militarised regime and finishes with final examinations in  the core subject, specialised naval tactics, and English language.

The graduates acquire military engineering and other specialised knowledge and skills in the field of the theory and technical operation of radiolocation, radionavigation and hydracoustic systems, radio wave propagation, microwave and antenna devices, circuitry and microprocessor design, ship communications systems, cable and multiplex equipment, computer communications, technology and organisation of the repairs of electronic equipment, naval weapons and tactics, combat-related electronic devices and systems, the protection of electronics from interference and electronic warfare, etc.

The lecture classes are combined with a variety of practical training forms for the cadets to acquire specialised skills, for their moral, psychological and physical growth, and for their development as leaders.

The main forms of teaching and educating activities are:

  • summer camp for seamanship training;
  • rowing and sailing trips;
  • physical training and swimming;
  • internship on naval and training vessels;
  • internship in communications units, military electronic facilities and repair establishments;
  • practical training on foreign vessels;
  • fire practice with the personal weapon.

The wealth of training facilities for the course, the library and the access to the world world web create the necessary conditions for conducting a process of training at a high applied science level in accordace with the contemporary requirements for active research.

Simultaneously with their military training, the cadets also undergo the complete course in the required disciplines of the civilian course in Ship radio electronics to obtain their degree.

The graduates can be hired in positions covering the communications, information, and electronic systems related to maritime business and to the protection of the maritime sovereignty of the Republic of  Bulgaria.