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Department “Electrical engineering” was created in 1962. It has participated in the training of students and cadets from all specialties taught at the “N.Y.Vaptsarov” Naval Academy.

The department provides specialized training to students of specialty “Ship electrical equipment”. The students who have graduated successfully the 4-year course obtain a Bachelor’s degree and are licensed as a seafarer “ship electrical engineer”. Graduates can occupy the position of a “ship electrical engineer” on the respective class of ship from the merchant fleet and other management positions in the field of maritime transport and industry – electrical engineers, electricians on floating facilities and coastal port complexes.

After further training in a Master programme and a successfully defended thesis, they get a Master’s degree and the professional qualification “Master engineer”. Graduates in the specialty receive the opportunity for scientific development at the “N.Y.Vaptsarov” Naval Academy or in other institutes. The department is educating PhD students in the scientific specialties “Electrical power supply and electrical equipment by sectors” (Ship electrical power supply and equipment) in the professional field of “Transport, navigation and aviation”.