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Dormitory: It is founded / created / in 2009 at the released by the cadets corpus. The building is with capacity for 296 people in 112 rooms / 40 double and 72 triple rooms /. Each room has a private bathroom. The building has heating and a system of self-supply hot water electric boilers.

The application process and the dorm rules are regulated with „ПРАВИЛНИК ЗА УПРАВЛЕНИЕТО, СТОПАНИСВАНЕТО, ПОЛЗВАНЕТО И ВЪТРЕШНИЯ РЕД НА СТУДЕНТСКОТО ОБЩЕЖИТИЕ НА ВВМУ „Н. Й. ВАПЦАРОВ“ legitimated by the Academic Council in 2009 and updated by Protocol №-29 / 27.05.2015g.

The rental price is 72/82 lev per month depending on the size of the room. Students orphans and members of large families pay 30% of the monthly fee. The monthly fee includes the room rent, cost of water, electricity and heating during the winter season. The rental price is the same throughout the year.

In 2012 the number of beds was increased by more 30 in 14 renovated rooms, the rental price in the renovated rooms is 137 lev / month.

Due to the shortage of places in 2014 were added another 65 seats.

In 2015/2016 about 60-80 more rooms are yet to be renovated and it will be increased the capacity of the dorm with another 200-250 beds.