Short history – mechanics

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A unit called “General engineering” was established in 1957. Its head was lieutenant commander Tsvetan Iliev Papazov.

Lieutenant Emil Stoyanov Stanchev, first lieutenant Kosta Nikolov Stoilov, lieutenant Tsvyatko Petrov Donchev and lieutenant commander Nikola Lazarov Milushev were appointed lecturers in unit « General  engineering ».

In 1959 the unit was renamed and was called “Department 5”. After 17.08.1963 “Department 5” was divided into 3 independent departments, one of which was Department “Technical machanics”, headed by Lieutenant commander Tsvetan Papazov. In 1978 part of the staff of Department “Technical mechanics”  and Department “Ship power plants” founded  a subject-methodical board “Ship theory, construction and damage control” with chairperson Commander Petar Metodiev. This board grew into a department, which existed till 2001.