Disciplines – mechanics

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23165  CAD systems in ship design
23164  CAD systems in applied mechanics
23148  Damage control
23381  Introduction in ocean engineering
23494  Dynamics of marine structures
23149  Dynamic positioning of marine structures and ships
23150  Experimental hydrodynamics
23384  Exploitation of marine structures
23375  Engineering graphics  – F
23373  Engineering graphics – Ship’s engineering
23151  Computer modeling of processes in ocean engineering
23493  Control of ship seaworthiness
23492  Control of condition, maintaining safety, and activities in emergrncy
23489  Scuba diving training
23366  Machine elements and mechanisms
23152  Methods and means of research in ocean engineering
23482  Mechanics of sea waves
23153  Monitoring of marine environment
23154  Marine hydrodynamics
23485  Marine energy and raw materials resources
23383  Marine engineering structures
23155  Oil – gas potential of the Black sea region
23382  Oceanology
23356  Operative oceanography
23491  Crew organization and management and care for the ship’s staff in accordance with the marine legislation
23487  Ensuring ship seaworthiness – Ship’s engineering
23385  Underwater technologies
23157  Underwater technologies and structures for production of sea raw materials
23145  Applied mechanics
23376  Applied mechanics, vibrations and noise on board
23377  Applied mechanics, vibrations and noise on marine structures
23158  Design of marine engineering structures
23369  Structural mechanics
23584  Ship’s theory and arrangement – Exploitation of fleet and ports
23484  Ship’s theory and  arrangement – Ship’s engineering
23146  Technical mechanics and engineering graphics
23367  Technical mechanics – Navigation
23159  Search, exploitation, production and transport of hydrocarbon resources in water areas
23160  Management of oceanographic information