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14210 Safety of Navigation
14310 Safety of Riverine Navigation
14229 Sailing
14230  Introduction into Shipping
14257 European and National Programs and Projects Relating to Ports
14217 European Transport Policies and Transport Corridors
14504 Ship Handling
14604 Ship Operation and Cargo Handling
14222 IT business
14260 Elementary First Aid
14269 Proficiency in Ship Awareness
14201 Ship Protection in Special Circumstances
14212 Shipping Economics
14232 Ports and Their Infrastructure
14235 Intermodal Transportation
14208 Ship condition inspection and survey
14221 Ship cargo handling gear
14223 Ship Agency and Manning
14263 Personal Safety and Social Responsibilities
14216 International Regulations for Preventing Collisions at Sea
14239 International transport Systems
14205 Maritime Security and Safety
14256 Marine Arms
14318 Seamanship
14218 Seamanship
14264 Skipper of Seagoing Vessel up to 40 GT
14231 Marine Environment  Protection
14237 Protection of the Marine Environment and Safety of Navigation in Port Areas
14238 Organisation and complex servicing of ships in ports
14252 Organisation of Port Operations
14209 Fleet Organisation and Management
14255 Fleet and Port Organisation and Management
14309 Navy Organisation and Management
14206 Ship Service Regulations and Safety on Board
14273 Labour Organisation and Safety of Operations
14320 Proficiency Inhandling Sailing Vessels
14262 Fire prevention and fire fighting
14228 Ports
14251 Port Handling Equipment and Facilities
14207 Port Technologies
14258 Passenger Shipping
14234 Port Development and Management
14325 Security and Safety of Maritime Arms
14425 Security and Safety of the Maritime Transportation System
14225 Security of Shipping (ISPS Code)
14254 Land Transport
14253 Port General Arrangement. Infra- and Superstructure
14261 Proficiency in Personal Survival Techniques
14224 Technical Analysis of the Market
14226 Technology and Management of Port Operations
14268 Chartering and Brokerage
14250 Theory of Cargoes
14313 Merchant Fleet Management
14213 Merchant Fleet Management
14211 Ship Manoeuvring and Handling
14211 Ship Manoeuvring and Handling
14611 Handling of Sailing Ships
14220 Ship Handling – course
14511 Ship Handlingand COLREGs
14311 Riverine Ship Handlingand
14240 Maritime Arms Management in Crises and Conflicts
14241 Safety and Security Management
14227 Chartering
14236 Yachting
14204 Ship operations and cargo handling