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Successful graduates of the four-year course in the specialty graduate with a degree “Bachelor” and acquire the qualification “Engineer of ship repair technology.”

After a master’s program in “Marine Engineering”, graduates can acquire the qualification of 3rd ship

In this capacity they can occupy the positions watchkeeping engineer or duty engineer in unattended machinery spaces of civilian ships with unlimited power of the ship power plant, second engineer on board ship with propulsion power of up to 3000 kW and chief engineer on a ship with propulsion power of up to 3000 kW sailing in the inland waterways in Europe. Graduates can be assigned to different management positions in the ship repair and shipbuilding industry.

Fundamental education and training in general engineering specialty complies with the requirements to the specialties of the area “Mechanical Engineering” in the technical universities.

Professional vocabulary is included in the study of English language.

Profiling and special training are tailored to the requirements of the ship repair industry and global quality standards.

Training is conducted in specialized facilities, laboratories, simulators, and facilities with operating machinery, engines and systems. Diverse forms of technology and training with computers and software applications are also employed.

The training practice is technological and it is held in laboratories and repair yards. Trainees acquire the skills to perform all activities of maintenance and repair of the ship’s hull and and the ship power plant.

The training ends in state examinations.